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View-specific family graphics using yes/no parameter

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    View-specific family graphics using yes/no parameter

    Hi there!
    Is there a way to set a family, for example door, to have specific parameter setting in each view?

    to illustrate the scenario:
    I have three views:
    1. plan
    2. elevation
    3. spot perspective

    now I have a door with two different graphic form -- one is open, one is closed. This is done by having two models of the door panel in open and closed form each controllable by a yes/no parameter i made as instance.
    now I need the "open" form in plan (i cannot use symbolic lines to denote opening since the project requires the door to cast shadow in plan)
    and i need the "close" form in elevation.

    --easily though, i have set the involved parts in visibility settings of which of them should not show in plan and elevation.
    BUT THE PROBLEM IS, WHEN IT COMES TO 3D VIEW. There is no available/tickable setting for 3d view in visibility setting, the creation of yes/no parameter was mainly for 3d presentation as i need to show some shots where the doors are closed and some shot where the doors are open and a mix of open and close in one shot.
    now each tick of visible (yes or no) in parameters affects my other views.

    sorry, I hope I have explained the scenario well.

    First of all, I wouldn't rely on the Visibility Options for the elevations versus the plans, either: The elevation selections are only for perfectly straight on elevations. Doors in a wall that's not at 90 degrees to your view will ignore those settings.

    You can use Filters to do it, but you'll need to be regimented at having filters in every view in your project. It won't be *automatic.*
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      Sorry, we couldn’t find that page

      You want like that right?

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        If you have two different Panel elements in your family, I'd make separate sub-categories for each.
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          You REALLY want to do this with a Filter, and not with subcategories. If its done with a Filter, you can still have the Panels be Shared/Nested components, which you want for swapping them out (and having them swap out in ALL views). If its subcats, youll have to keep different panel variations for Plan, or for elevation. Im actually looking at making a custom-version of my v7 Doors for a client, that will have three different sets of Nested Panels (one for Plan, one for elevation, and one for 3D).

          All elevations/Sections have one Filter, all Plans/RCP's have another, and all 3D views have another.
          Aaron "selfish AND petulant" Maller |P A R A L L A X T E A M | Practice Technology Implementation
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