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    Materials & Asset Management

    Ladies & Gentlemen,

    Should materials be named for their assets or the thing they’re applied to? I like the idea of a material being named for what it’s applied to as its name would serve as a reminder to the user that unless they want to edit the properties and assets for “Railing - Steel – Galvanized” too, they’d better duplicate or create new. If the latter is your preference is it better to organize them by material or by element? For instance; “Railing – Steel – Galvanized” or “Steel – Galvanized – Railing.”

    What if a material will be coated in real life, like a painted steel railing. Would you…

    • have a material for the steel railing
    • have a material for the paint
    • assign the steel material to the railing
    • paint the railing

    Or, would you create a material that had the physical asset of steel and the appearance asset of paint and assign it to the railing?


    I stole a page from Aaron and have them named by MasterFormat spec section.

    The railing would be 055200-Railing-Description Paint would be 099000-Paint-Railing-Description (color, type etc.) The spec number will change a little depending on how far down the rabbit hole you want to go with it.
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