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    I am having to make a ceiling that has GYP on it in sections and in the other areas it will have exposed joists. How do I make my ceiling plan and then take away the areas of GYP that is not needed. (In the areas that it is not needed there are posts that go through the ceiling up into the attic area, if I use a void extrusion or a reveal would it not go through my post too?)

    First off, welcome to the forum! :thumbsup:

    Are the exposed joists a designed element? If so, best get modelling them - that way you could then model where there is GYP, (so in turn "also" where there isn't) without having to worry about the affect of voids.

    But to answer your question, if it's a face or ceiling based (void) family, no, it won't interact with your posts. If you use a shaft, the same (doesn't work on loaded components) and if use an in-place any void modelled that way will only interact with it's alike category.


      Are you using the "Ceiling by Sketch" tool? If so, just sketch the ceiling where you need it solid and leave out the areas where you have the exposed joists. Possible create a separate ceiling type for that condition. Do you have a screenshot you could share?

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