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Duct to cable tray conversion

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    Duct to cable tray conversion

    Do any one know how to convert duct to cable tray , I face serious problem that i received a model and find a lot of routing presented in form of duct family and in real it is cable tray so i need to change all these routing to cable trays without remodeling again.

    You might find a solution to this on the Dynamo forum. I know there was already some work done on converting model lines to pipes/ducts and the principle would be the same for Cable Trays.
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      Has there been any updates on this solution... Needing to convert ducts to cable trays as well.


        Red3 The attached dyn script creates cable tray segments in place of the duct segments. The segments then need to be connected manually or you can try to improve the script (find how to lengthen the lines of the duct segments so that they connect if connected by fittings). Also, the height and width of the tray is set inside the script for an example, this can also be improved.

        Click image for larger version

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