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    Area Plan Issue

    Hello Everyone!
    This is my first post on this community, but i will try expressin myself in a way i hope you understand

    I'm Having an issue when creating an area plan on a project i'm working on.
    It's a finished project that i've recieved for a school project, and my task is to work out its heat transmission etc.
    In order to do that i need to create areas from the inside wall and all the way our through the facade of the building, therefore i can't use the room tool.

    The problem is:
    It's a building that has been renovated, so i have like 3 sketches of the building (Before, During and after). I need the areal on the "after" plans.

    So, i pick a floor lvl from my project browser (1 Floor for example) and everything looks fine and useable for area bounding, but then when i create the area plan, it puts all my floor lvls on top of eachother and puts in furniture and suddenly i have an elevator in my bathroom, it's a total mess

    I'll put in some before and after pictures and i hope what im trying to explain makes sense (English is my 2. Language )

    I've been working on this for hours and i feel like i've been around the entire program twice. I Did manage to remove alle the furniture and overlapping layers, but then what was left was the "before" renovation of the building.

    I've tried choosing same view template, filters and compared parameters between the 2 plans, but everything seems the same, so i'm quite comfused that it isn't

    Please let me know if you need further explanation.

    Thanks in advance.

    Cheers Anders.
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    Those extra lines look like imported/linked files. If so, you need to hide them. If not, you should take a close look at the visibility graphic settings on the first view and make sure the second matches. A view template would make this a lot easier.
    Greg McDowell Jr


      Check the phasing too - it sounds like the area plan may be set to the original rather than latest phase.
      Julie Kidder
      Architect + BIM Director
      Hartman + Majewski Design Group


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