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Linked models, design option, problems with placing rooms.

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    Linked models, design option, problems with placing rooms.

    This might take a careful read to really understand what I'm asking. I'll do my best to explain.

    I have an existing model and a new project model (its a renovation project).
    I have an existing phase and a new project phase.
    I have a design option where the primary option guts a portion of the existing, and the secondary option leaves that portion unaltered. This means most of the walls in this portion of the existing model are added to both the primary and secondary option sets so that in one case I can demo them, and in another case I can leave them be.

    The new project model is where I have my views and sheets for my project. In my view that shows the secondary option, I'm trying to add (existing) rooms to the area of the building that doesn't get demo'd, so that I can tag those existing room names. Here's what happens when I try to add those rooms...

    Scenario 1: If I try to place the room(s) while having "main model" as the active design option, it will try to place rooms bounded by the invisible walls of the primary model. (Invisible because this view is set up to only see the secondary "no-demo" design option, so this view shows all those existing walls as existing-to-remain).

    Scenario 2: If i try to place the room(s) while having the secondary design option selected as active design option, it then tries to create a huge room by ignoring all the walls in that secondary design option (it bounds the room with only walls not in any design option).

    Side note, the existing model is set to room-bounding, and all the walls in the model and in the design options are room bounding. I can easily create rooms bounded by the linked model in areas of the project that are not related to the design option.

    Any idea what I'm missing here that will allow my rooms to be bounded by the linked model walls in the secondary design option?


    You can't. A linked model can,be room bounding, but only with its primary design options.
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