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Amateur attempting to create family title blocks

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    Amateur attempting to create family title blocks

    New to forum & Revit LT. Not sure if this is the right place to post my first of many probably really simple, fundamental questions, but hope someone will point out my error if it isn't
    Slowly (Really slowly) starting to use Revit LT outside of work to get used to it before committing at work (Months if not years away), & thought I'd set up a standard practice drawing sheet first with title block, so A1, then copied to A2, A3 & A4, etc.
    Pretty pleased with everything I've done so far , drawing lines, impriting symbols, creating text for fixed stuff & labels for changeable stuff, but five out of eight labels are inaccessible when I insert a standard sheet into a 'live' project I've started (To practice drawing)
    So Sheet Name, Project No & Sheet No are all changeable on the sheet in the project, as I want them to be, but Revision Date, Current Revision Description, Project Address, Scale & Revision No aren't. If I highlight the sheet, the inaccessible ones appear as question marks, except the project address which is a generic US address, with a North-South-East-West style arrow over, & are incapable of editing or changing
    They're all standard project information headings off of the Edit Label pop-up, so why are some accessible, & some not? I'm guessing its going to be something relatively simple, but everyone's gotta learn sometime (Song coming on)
    Many thanks in anticipation of ceasing to bang my head against a brick wall . . .

    For the Revisions, you will have to add a revision first (View->Sheet Composition->Revisions). Then, once you place the sheet on your project (without clicking on the titleblock) you should be able to see under properties "Revisions on Sheet" (wit a Edit button next to it). Click there and check the box of the revision you just created.

    For Project Address, you need to add that information in Manage->Settings->Project Information.

    Scale is automatically written as soon as you drag a view onto your sheet (will recognize the scale of the view).

    These steps should be sufficient to populate all the empty cells. Hope this helps!


      Hi asintoras,
      Many thanks for the response, one of, err, one so far, so really gratefully received as I hate not understanding things, like most of Revit LT currently
      I'll try what you've suggested when work permits, but one more question. Am I correct in assuming that all the standard labels for title block creation, i.e. Project title, revisions, scale, issue date, etc., are already shared parameters, it's just that I haven't been dealing with them correctly once they're created? Many thanks Branston


        They share some similarities with shared parameters (being able to be seen in labels and schedules, being part of filters) but they are hard coded parameters that can't be changed, modified or removed.

        I haven't used Revit LT, so I'm not familiar with differences between the two.

        For the parameters you say you can't change:
        Revision Date, Current Revision Description, Revision Number: These will require a revision cloud on the sheet, in a view or the "Revisions on Sheet" edited in the project to show additional sheets.
        Project Address: I can click on this to edit from the titleblock (Revit 2017). It can also be accessed in the Manage>Project Information dialog.
        Scale: Place a view on the sheet. If you have more than one view I think it switches to "varies" or a similar phrase.

        Both revision data and the project address are model-wide, so you don't have to fill it in on each sheet!
        Julie Kidder
        Architect + BIM Director
        Hartman + Majewski Design Group


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