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    Revit Template & Worksets


    I am using Revit 2017 and I have started to create a new template.I would like to add worksets, but as I read it isn't possible in a template. Do you know any way to do this?

    Thank you in advance!

    You cant, so you have a few options:

    1. Make an actual TEMPLATE that doesnt have worksets.
    2. Make a PROJECT that has worksets, and teach people to use that (with Detach from Central and Save As) to start projects (yuck).
    3. Use a Template file that has no worksets, teach the staff to enable worksharing, then run a script or automation routine that makes the worksets, like this:
    Topic: Workset.Create | Dynamo BIM

    FWIW, i think option 2 is the hackiest thing ever, since there are multiple ways to break up a project (Tall buildings = systemic, wide buildings = geographic). In my very humble opinion, having worksets premade in the template is a lousy idea.
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      Rock a text file to copy/paste like me lol.

      It does work though. -TZ
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        Thank you!!!


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