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Join Geometry on Tile and Concrete Floors

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    Join Geometry on Tile and Concrete Floors

    I can use the Join Geometry tool to make my tile + screed Floor element cut its shape out of my concrete Floor element. (The tile floor Voids the concrete floor.) This works well as it also gives me the edge lines in my concrete setout and penetration plan. I understand this method would not be appropriate when using Groups, but are there any issues with using this technique where Groups are not employed?

    Outside of groups that method works great, other than being a bit manual to get everything joined if you have a big floor plate.

    You can technically join elements from a group to the model as well, although i don't know if there are any long term issues. To do that - run a join command just like you normally would (don't edit group). You will need to tab through to the object you need to join but it does work.
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