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Need help with Diffuser family Could someone through shed some light on this please.

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    Need help with Diffuser family Could someone through shed some light on this please.

    Hi All,

    I am working on a diffuser family and I wanted both spigot and connector diameters(of the diffuser) to be controlled by connecting duct diameter (either flex or rigid).

    I have a "Duct Diameter" parameter under both HVAC and General category in shared parameters file.

    When I tried to link HVAC but comesup with this error message " Please select a parameter of type "Length" " however when I tried the other it's not behaving as I expected.

    I have even tried to remove the duct diameter under HVAC category and moved the general category into HVAC and associated to by pass this error.

    Still Didn't work.


    Well, just like it says, the shared parameter needs to be a Length parameter. You can also use a Duct Size parameter, because this is also a Length but lets you show different units (eg. Your General-Length in meters and your HVAC-Duct Size in mm).

    What do you mean by "Not behaving as expected"?

    To take the duct size the parameter will need to be an Instance parameter in the family. Also the connector on the family wont always change every time you change the duct, only if you disconnect/reconnect the duct or use the sizing calculations.
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      Yes Joseph, I should have explained it a bit clearly.

      Actually, I wanted the connector and the spigot diameter should be driven by one single parameter I.e. every time I change the diameter of the duct revit should not put any additional fittings.

      Yes I made the "diameter" parameter as instance. however, I tried to disconnect and re connect the duct connection to the diffuser but the diameter on both these two still it did not changed when I change the dia of the duct.


        Cracked it and it's working as I have explained earlier. Thank you all.


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