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Electrical Fixtures & Parameters

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    Electrical Fixtures & Parameters

    I am trying to create shared parameters for all my electrical fixures (sockets) but not sure what parameters to give them, some already have parameters, but being by no means electrical I am not sure which parameters I need to have.

    In one of the single sockets I have parameters.

    Switch Voltage (electrical potential)
    Load (Apparent power)
    Load Class' (loadclass')

    but then In a double socket another (i got off someone else) I have parameters.#

    Switch Voltage (electrical potential)
    Expected current draw (current)
    Outlet power (power) and forumla - Expected Current Draw * Voltage

    Just wondering why these 2 are set up different and what would I need to do, to merge the parameters.
    how come there is no apparent power in the double socket, but a power parameter ?

    hope someone can help, I just want everything to be to the same format and be able to schedule proper

    Any electrical peeps help me out on this?


      Everyone does everything a little different. I would personally suggest not downloading content at all unless you know are very familiar with parameters and know what you want and where you want it. If you do not know these things it would be best to have a BIM manager/Consultant provide these things but you also have Revit OTB content and you could always go the extra mile and build your family how you want it taking the time to get to understand what you need to go into that particular family and then save that family in a separate directory so you now have basic families that you can build up from.
      As far as the parameters go in these two cases, I would not have a family with the parameters in the second one you show, the first example is more on track and is definitely simple and usable.
      I recently found out about a handy tool that does allow you to delete/change parameters as needed for files so when downloading families you can bypass these things.


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