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Doors not showing up in revit floor plan

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    Doors not showing up in revit floor plan


    I am having trouble with my doors showing up on the floor plan view in revit
    When i hover over the door it is there as it highlights (i am in hidden line view)

    however when i switch to wireframe then only it shows

    why is this so? how can i fix it for the doors to be shown on hidden view ?

    I have attached the photos for reference

    thank you ! help is neededdd~!~
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    Hi there,
    Because the other doors are showing my guess is that the family visibility settings are preventing it from displaying or the door elevation is unexpectedly outside of the view range. Have you modified that door family or is the one that ships with Revit? If you haven't changed the door, then what is the Sill Height of the door? Does the door display when you change the detail level to Coarse or Fine?

    Best Regards,
    Glynnis Patterson, Architect


      The door remains the same if its coarse of fine detail level.
      the door is the one that comes with revit. I have not changed the door type. If it is a family visibility problem how can i change it so that i am able to see my doors?


        Have you verified that all the doors are in the same phase?


          My guess is that you have a Floor that is above the Level the door is hosted on; the floor is obscuring the door swing symbol.
          Chris Ellersick


            Thank you @cellersick! That was the exact problem i had 2 floors stacked over each other.


              so how do you fix that problem? how do you get the doors to show when you have a second level?


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