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Revit 2017 Wall Top Constraint

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    Revit 2017 Wall Top Constraint

    Hi... I have recently updated to Revit 2017 and notice an issue with structural walls but I'm not sure if it's a problem specific to my installation or a Revit 2017 bug.

    Let's say I have a model with three levels and on Level 1 plan I go to place a structural wall with top constraint at Level 3, the wall places ok. Then I cancel/escape out of the command. Now go to place a structural wall again it does not remember the last top constraint I used, instead it defaults to the next level up from the bottom constraint (i.e. Level 2). This means that every time I place a wall I have to reset the top constraint. I did not have to do this in Revit 2016, it remembered the last top constraint used.

    This only seems to apply to structural walls and not Architectural.

    Can anyone check if they get the same results... i.e. When you go back to the structural wall command, does Revit 2017 remember your last wall top constraint when it wasn't previously set to the next level up ?


    :crazy:i get the same function as well and yes this seems like a bug


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