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Color Fill Legend - Transparent hatches have grey not white..

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    Color Fill Legend - Transparent hatches have grey not white..

    Im using a transparent hatch in a colour scheme and in the floor plan it shows with the white .
    However, in the legend it shows a grey (and the minor inconsistency is annoying me...)
    I thought this might be the 'Default' material but changing that had no effect.

    Anyone know if this can be changed?
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    There doesn't seem to be a way to do a transparent hatch for color schemes, and there aren't ways to do two color patterns without manually layering symbolic elements. If that is a room legend I'd try removing it and replacing it, and if that doesn't work duplicating the view, because graphic oddities like that can be a sign the view has corrupted.

    The default material shouldn't come into play in a color scheme. If this is a legend created manually there are a number of options (layered fill regions, filled region over existing model element, etc.)
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