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    Cable Tray In Section

    Hey guys is it possible to see Cable trays in section view?

    I haven't really worked with cable trays before and come across any information regarding this. For some reason in section view I can only see the cable tray center line / rise / drop symbols, I can't actually see the cable tray itself which seems bizarre.

    I've tried setting the visibility to realistic instead of hidden line and that did nothing. Am I missing something here? I assume it can't be a bad family since you can't even edit system families, is this just another hilariously unusable part of Revit?

    It's especially bad because when looking at the cable tray down it's length in section it shows a 12" wide X when in reality our cable trays are 24" wide.

    Have you tried changing the detail level of the view to something other than coarse?
    Also (in case you havent found it yet) other settings for controlling cable trays etc are here:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	settings.png
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    (oh - just realised you can see an "X" - so prob not detail level)
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      This rests on two things: Detail Level and Rise/Drop visibility. This screen shot should spell out things nicely for you. Hope this helps.

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        Originally posted by tzframpton View Post
        This rests on two things: Detail Level and Rise/Drop visibility. This screen shot should spell out things nicely for you. Hope this helps.

        @Alex Page

        Thank you ... I completely forgot our view template no longer controlled that ...
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