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    Truncated annotation

    Like most we have upgraded our standard company template to Revit Structure 2017 from 2016 and have some serious annotation issues. The worst is text items being truncated by the text border (see images provided). We have upgraded to 2017.1 and have seen no improvement. We also changed the style width as well as the “leader/border offset” in type properties to no avail. To make matters worse is that the sheet will have all the items modified to show the whole word or sentence and then some of the updated items will revert back to the truncated version at a later date. We have 4 active programs running on window 7-64bit and all have the same issues. Has anybody else run into this? anybody had fix?
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    we have had issues with the textbox sizes when you have two diff computers working on a workshared project running at different operating system display scales.
    Say: 100% display scale on a non-4k monitor and 125% display scale on a 4k monitor will stuff up the text "extents" where the text gets truncated and then only print a part of the text...
    More talking about this issue here:
    Alex Page
    RevitWorks Ltd
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      You arent expecting there to be an update to 2017 thats going to fix the text to make it behave and look exactly as it did in 2016, are you (Original poster, not Alex)? That wont be happening. The text tool was corrected for the 2017 release, to make text measurements behave the way they do in other software. It was known and widely publicized that text in 2017 would behave differently- and would potentially require correction- in files that were upgrading from 2016 to 2017.

      Grin and bear it. Once you correct it, it should behave much better than the old text tools.
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        I agree with Twice.. that any upgrade comes with headaches:banghead:, but with error returning after being modified once was of great concern. The company or client should not have to accrue the cost of yellowing out a finial set Construction Documents more than once. I would like thank Alex for his comments, we do have one user at a 125% display. We will try the change and see if that helps with this issue.

        thanks for the help


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