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    RFO Blog: RFO Post of the Month Nominees

    So I recently volunteered to write a blog post on the RevitForum Post of the Month nominees. Since this is the initial post I have been thinking about how to set this up. There are generally two kind of nominees:

    1. Initial postings with tips and/or tricks.
    2. Responses to a problem posted by someone else.

    So the first one will be easy to handle. But reading back the different nominees, there might be a problem since our threads have a way of swirling into different directions from the original post. But let's give it a try anyway. Nominees are in random order and this blog is written while trying to be as unprejudiced as possible.
    As for the nominees: if you feel I misunderstood or wrote anything that doesn't do justice to your post in any way, please don't hesitate to contact me. You probably know where to find me...

    First nominee: Scott Hopkins, View Title secret revealed.
    There's a huge problem with setting up sheets in Revit: it's very difficult to align Views and View Titles. This is partly solved by the introduction of the Guide Grid in Revit 2012, but this method has it's limitations. One major being that you still need to place the View Title on sight.
    In this post Scott gives a tutorial on how to create and use a Detail View and View Title that has the View Title automatically jump to the correct position on the sheet without having to eyeball it. Further more, sample files are provided.

    Second nominee: mdradvies, Push parameters in the project environment
    Schedules are a very strong feature in Revit. Their most common use is generating quantities for the modelled elements. But what if a building model has families with inconsistent usage of parameters, for instance multiple window families that all have different parameters for the width. Your schedules are bound to be a huge mess, since it's impossible to get all the "widths" into one column.
    For this, there is a tiny checkbox in the Schedule properties dialogue box which let you, just for this project, push parameters between different families without having to actually edit the families.

    Third nominee: Steve Stafford, (Faking) Property Lines in Sections
    The question raised in this thread is how to show Property Lines in section views. Since they really are 2d components you cannot visualise them in section views. To add to the complexity the solution needed to also work when the Property Line is not cut perpendicularly and the graphical representation needed to be adjustable, ruling out a lot of options.
    Steve came up with a solution using Masses for this, which complies to all demands and added some functionality.

    Fourth nominee: Mr Spot, Grids shown on different levels
    The thread started with a general tip on why Grids sometimes do not show up on a certain level. Mr Spot added a comment explaining on how to use a Scope box in a 3D view to regulate the control of Grids, Level Annotations and entire View Extents for the entire project in one simple action.

    Fifth nominee: CBukowski, Detail Callouts are not editable
    The original post was asking for a way to change a Plan Detail Callout type from Plan View to Detail View. As it was pretty soon clear this cannot be done, the thread evolved into a discussion about the pro's and cons about the different ways to setup detail views and which type to use.
    CBukowski came up with a thorough analysis of the way the View Depth and Cut Plane works for Detail Callouts. He stipulated that View Depths of these Callouts is defined by their parent View and explains what happens if the Parent View gets deleted.

    Sixth nominee: Gaby424, Export Materials in fbx to 3D Max problems
    Following up on different previous threads regarding the conversion of Revit projects to 3D Max using the fbx export Gaby424 wrote up a thorough tutorial on how to properly setup your export from Revit and import in Max in a way that you can reuse the materials and textures in Max (or replace them without any problems).

    Seventh nominee: sdbrownia, Paint Materials Testing - Light Spots
    There have been quite a few threads regarding the speckles appearing on surfaces with a painted material when rendering in Revit. Sdbrownia did some testing with the Paint materials and posted his findings here.

    Eighth nominee: mdradvies, Align sweeps in 3D
    Following up on another thread, mdradvies posted a tutorial on how to align Wall Sweeps with other Revit components in 3D, which is a more precise method of controlling the extents of the Sweep then simply dragging the blue dots at the end of a Sweep.

    Ninth nominee: mark b, I hate roofs
    The thread started out as a simple question on how to create a roof with two different plate heights but as it seemed later on this problem wasn't all that easy to fix. mark b accomplished this at last and provided the correct roof AND a tutorial on how to create it as an attachment in his posting, along with some tips and tricks on how to set up roofs in Revit.

    Tenth nominee: mdradvies, Nothing special, just some 2012 "Detailing"
    A remark showing a hint of frustration on the difficulties in implementing a different approach of building projects in a thread that was dedicated to the new annotation options for 3D Views in Revit 2012.

    So here they are. Some required more explaining than others. All nominees are located in threads well worth the reading. Off course, anyone reading this is also going to click through into the postings... Please let your preferences be known by voting here for your favourite post!!!

    Click here to view the entire blog post.

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