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Placing In-Place Families in Legend view

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    Placing In-Place Families in Legend view

    Hello Everyone, My first post and I would like to extend my best compliments to the 'Revit Forum' team for the great resource provided here; now ill get right to it. How does one put in-place family plan, elevations, etc into the legend view. It is simple enough to do with regular families but it seems the the in-place family requires some other method.
    Also, how does one put 3D views of a regular family on the legend view?

    Thanks in Advance

    Hi Hammad, welcome and thanks for the kind words.

    What you are trying to accomplish is not possible, but do a search on the forum for "Phase Before", and you should find a workaround (Else let us know)
    Klaus Munkholm
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      Hi Hammad,

      I have a workaround for placing in-place family on legend view. Simply save your in-place family as a family (rfa file) then load it in your project; legend detail component should be available.

      To save your in-place family as a true family, edit in-place, make a group of all the elements, select it then go to save as, librairy, group, you will see that the extension is rfa.
      (credits to this blog and also this older one (previous ;-) ?) from a French fellow )
      For 3d in legend view, should it be? legend view are mostly designed to be plan view legend. you may prefer to have a nice 3d view frozen with annotations. my 2 cts....
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