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    I am interning at an engineering firm and they are having some problems with a Revit project. They have an architectural drawing linked to the MEP models. But the plumbing plan has some visual issues when plotting and on screen compared to the mechanical and electrical plans. The walls on the underlay are not showing up as dark as the mechanical and electrical plans when plotting and the keynotes and title bar area are not as bold (and the keynotes on the plumbing plan are formatted different?), there is no consistency between the look of the plumbing plan versus the elec. and mech plans. Changing the phasing to (All-Show All) makes the walls a little darker, but other than that no other manipulation that I have tried works. The engineers did tell me that the plans we’re set up in structural, would that make a difference? There is more, but I will post those issues after I get responses to this post.
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    Originally posted by stratoflyer76 View Post
    The engineers did tell me that the plans we’re set up in structural, would that make a difference?
    If the discipline of the views are set to structural, than yes.
    Are there any overrides (halftone) for the lighter views in VG?
    Are all the disciplines using the same families, ie, titleblock, view title etc.?
    Check the the halftone/underlay command in manage-->additional settings and compare with other models if seperate.
    Check the phase graphic overrides in phasing as well.
    Any filters in the incorrect views.
    Are you by chance printing the plumbing model with color checked? This will produce a haltoned effect if printing to a B/W plotter.
    Compare print settings with other models if seperate.
    In object styles are there any grey colors applied to any families?
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      Thank you sir for your reply,
      I will check all of these, I was wondering about the underlay settings? I will post my results and any other issues we come across.



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