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Notify Autodesk that C4R appears to be down

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    Notify Autodesk that C4R appears to be down

    Is there a way to notify Autodesk that additional cloud services are down?

    The health dashboard currently says that:9:05am EST: Publishing to BIM 360 Team is currently unavailable. Product team is working to restore this functionality. Revit Cloud Worksharing operations continue to work as expected.

    However, within the last hour or so no one in the office can sync, open models or do any work that requires additional ownership of model elements. I'd like to log that the Revit Cloud Worksharing operations also appear to be down.
    Julie Kidder
    Architect + BIM Director
    Hartman + Majewski Design Group

    Yes, from ~12-12:34pm EST cloud worksharing operations had an outage. I think your post hit this forum about 4 minutes before the email went out. Cloud worksharing is back online, and has been for quite some time, but BIM 360 Team remains out as part of a wider issue on one of our foundational services. Here's the SWC volume trend from today:
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