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Finding Rogue Levels

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    Finding Rogue Levels


    I have some rogue levels somewhere and its doing my head in trying to find them :banghead:

    These levels arent active views, I know they are there because they are an option in my top offset on columns etc. Also, when making a new floor plan I can choose them.

    Now, to try and find them I have made elevations and checked uncropped, the same with cutting sections, but still I cannot find them. Anyone help?


    I've had some trouble with this before when a linked file decided to zoom off into the distance and took the level lines with it. Sorry to say but the only way I found was to keep looking. took ages, but I found the [email protected] eventully. One thing I did was to show my crop regions and expand them massively. Also turn off depth clipping in your elevations, they may turn up then. Good luck with the hunt!
    Darryl Store - Associate (BIM)
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      I thought this was the case, oh well, best get a cuppa in and get hunting!

      Cheers for the reply


        Generally they are near the Project Base Point / Origin. Head there, and cut a section...
        Aaron "selfish AND petulant" Maller |P A R A L L A X T E A M | Practice Technology Implementation
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          One workaround I have found that usually works.
          1) Create a New level in your Elevation/Section.
          2) Right-Click on this level and pick "Select All Instances - In entire project"
          3) Now you should have all levels selected in the model, even the ones you can't see. Once selected pick "Maximize 3D extents".This usually makes them all pop up in my view. (The idea is the the levels extend to any geometry in your model)

          Good Luck!


            i didn`t have that issue about what NLG said at 1)+2) steps, than press shift and and click the visible levels in the same time so you deselect them, then press delete.
            Seems logic to work



              Thanks for that, tried and failed Which is baffling! I have two other Revit Models linked in, could this be a factor?


                hmm, not that I know of. I suppose you could try unloading the links and trying the above again but in my experience that should not make a difference. Sorry, I can't think of much else! Usually that and/or turning of Depth Clipping as suggested above does the trick.
                Did you try Aaron's idea?



                  I shall. I have inherited this model and its using shared co-ords so just trying to find the datum!

                  Thanks again


                    Hello, my name is Ron Palma. I work for Ideate Inc, an Autodesk developer, reseller and ATC. This thread caught my eye as we have a product called Ideate Explorer that allows you to browse through your project for items of different types, select them, then use whatever Revit modifying tool you want. I was able to successfully locate levels that did not have an associated view, nor were displayed in any views. Although the program does include the option of showing the elements that are selected.

                    We currently offer a trial version to check out. The new 2012 version now allows you to search for elements on specific worksets. Try it out and let us know if you liked it. At least you will be able to find those rogue levels.

                    Ron Palma
                    Applications Specialist
                    Twitter: @RonPalmaAEC
                    Ideate Inc.


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