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Ghosting surfaces??

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    Ghosting surfaces??

    Anybody use "Ghost Surface" much? I'm having a printing issue.

    Revit is supposed to be a WYSIWYG, correct? So why does my Revit sheet look the way I want, but my plot does not?

    The area in question is Existing roof structure. (BTW, I'm working in RST2012 if that makes any difference.) I've had to set my view to Coordination so I can see the exterior architectural walls (with filters to turn off the interior walls.) Because of this, these concrete pan beams would typically show without stems (similar to the PDF attachment.) I played with "Ghost Surface" to get it to look the way it does in Revit (as shown in the RST attachment.) But it won't plot the way it looks in Revit.

    Any ideas?
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    Leanne Zaras, CDT, LEED AP
    AutoCAD 2010 Certified Professional / Revit Architecture 2012 Certified Professional / Revit Structure 2015 Certified Professional
    ACAD2021, RST2014-2021 / Windows 10, 64-bit

    Hi Leanne, I have no problem until now with Ghosting.
    Maybe a pdf setting, like DPI setting ? does it plot on white paper?
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