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reverse brick veneer puzzle

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    reverse brick veneer puzzle

    Hi all,
    Been creating a reverse brick veneer wall, and the result shows in graphics as rather unusual. see attached. Wall is shown from the exterior. The wall to the right is the problem, and above it is the wall structure window.Click image for larger version

Name:	reverse bv puzzle.PNG
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Size:	137.3 KB
ID:	414865 Notice how graphics show brick instead of timber where the stud wall is. I duplicated the wall, and created parts from it. It is on the Left.It shows true to graphics. very strange. Nothing is overridden, transparent or anything.
    Interestingly the same wall created with brick veneer outside (normal) is all ok with the same materials. It is just when the brick layer is on the internal side.
    Anybody have any idea?

    EDIT, I missed the air gap between vapour barrier and the brick layer when i was recreating this for the image, but the result was still the same when there was an air gap before the brick wall layer.

    Currently thinking it might be a hiccup from creating the reverse wall by duplicating the normal, and moving layers to the other side of the others and of the core. Maybe revit gets a little upset there. I remember a similiar problem with moving levels in elevations past others, the view ranges tended to get affected.
    Nope, that didn't work either..hmmmm.
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    Motorbike riding is one long bezier curve

    Bump, any ideas?
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      I can replicate this, looks like a bug.
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