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My Monster HVAC Dyn

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    My Monster HVAC Dyn

    Last edited by Necro99; May 31, 2021, 02:44 AM.

    Very cool stuff dude! Thanks for posting this. I'll have a look when I have a little more time - may be able to offer one or two suggestions

    Thanks for posting this for the community, it's why I love the Dynamo community so much - everyone benefits and we all get better.

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      I know little of MEP. I know a little more about Dynamo. I know this sounds awesome.


        Great work but even more impressive that you share it


          Could you provide the 'TAI family' of Thermostats, CO2 sensors, Humidistats, etc. that use the custom parameters referenced by your Dyn? The only two included T-stats I could find in Revit were in the Annotation and Building Controls folders, but those don't have any custom params.

          By the way, have you thought of requesting this as a feature addition for Revit 2019 here? It seems that nobody has done so yet.



            Not sure if you saw the above post ^

            Originally posted by Necro99 View Post

            Here's a narrative I wrote up to explain to my coworkers exactly what it does:

            Hopefully someone out there finds this useful! Feel free to ask questions. I'm far from an expert on this stuff, but the Dynamo interface really encourages a kind of trial-and-error that I've actually had a lot of fun with. Thanks again to everyone here for getting me started with all this stuff!
            Could you explain the specifics of the "TAI Families" objects used to operate your dyn?


              @necro99, I know it's been quite some time and many newer versions of Dynamo later, but might you be willing to share your most up-to-date version of this monster hvac graph? Thank you in advance!


                Where I can find THE families you referenced in your Dynamo Script?


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