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Really custom electrical panel

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    Really custom electrical panel

    Our firm is led by an electrical engineer who wrote an AutoCAD electrical add-in to do full load calcs, panel schedules, etc. We are moving to revit and are starting to look at the OOTB panel schedules compared to the ones in autocad: They are very different!

    Click image for larger version

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    We have been unable to make a schedule that looks like this.

    The easy thing to say is "just use the OOTB ones" but we obviously want them to look the same as our previous ones.

    Can anyone offer a suggestion on how to proceed?


    Originally posted by danbush View Post
    Can anyone offer a suggestion on how to proceed?
    You will have to give into Revit in order to use its Panel Schedules. The circuit schedule is very doable to get close to your AutoCAD original with very little adjustments. The calculation part of it, you can show some info but nothing like what you've got lined up currently. This will have to be done separately. But you can place these two items together where it looks like one seamless schedule with some work on formatting. Start simple, and work up to complex Panel Schedule Templates in time.

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