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Cut adaptive component in Project

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    Cut adaptive component in Project

    I pretty sure this can't but i need to verify this with the experts.
    I am trying to create a wood slat ceiling and I want to use another family to cut the wood slat (Adaptive Component) in the project environment.

    1. I divided a surface and placed a 2 point adaptive component and repeated. (long rectangular pieces)
    2. Then I loaded a solid family to use so to cut the repeater (solid Sphere)
    3. I use the cut tool and it looks perfect!!!

    4. ...until I click on Finish Mass.

    the wood slats go back to the original shape (rectangular).

    is there a have 2 separate families cut one another?

    thank you!
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    i have no problem to use solid to cut AC or pattern based stuff, perhaps you can upload file.

    but i do have trouble to use void (instead of solid) to cut AC or pattern based stuff, anyone has clue or logic behind it?
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      Hi Ning,
      I appreciate you taking the time to look at this.
      If you edit-in-place, then you see the elements cut. but once you finish editing then it goes back to it's original shape.

      thanks again,
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        interesting, anyone knows what's going on?
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          we have a project which will coordinate w/ pre-fab company to do fancy interior stuff, pre-fab will use Rhino to model all needed GRG stuff, we'll do overall interior layout especially the portion closely related to pre-fab GRG, in Revit.

          we're thinking using new Revit 2017 API feature to convert Rhino into native Revit stuff (DirectShape) and doing other stuff using either traditional Revit modeling functions and/or Revit AC / Pattern based features, if using AC / Pattern based then cutting AC / Pattern based will be big issue.

          anyone have experience w/ this kind of project to share i.e. process, best practice, etc.?
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            I got it to work.
            three things to point out.
            1. The solid sphere can not be in the same family as the slat.
            2. The order of cutting is important. First select the element that needs to be cut.
            3. The element that is cutting needs to be a mass in order to hide.
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