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Added line type in family editor not loading into project

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    Added line type in family editor not loading into project

    We are making an egress plan with flow arrows that are their own annotation family. While placing the arrows in the project, we decided that we wanted a thick dashed line with specific properties so we opened up the family to edit it, and form there added a new line type in Object styles and set the line type as per standard procedure.

    Then we loaded it into the project, Once we loaded it into our project, the line type didn't change as per changes in the family editor. When we went into additional settings --> line styles, it was not in the list, which is why it was not showing up in the project (I assume). even though we had made the new line type in the family editor and loaded it into the project.
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    Hi Katewood1989, try to add your detail as an annotation symbol and then load it into your other family its a kind of nested family, lines in families are commonly hidden, if you want load the family and let me check it out for you, that way I can say you whats the problem, hope this help
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      There is the Object Style (subcategory) and there is the Line Style/Line Type thats applied to it. Order of operation matters here, because once the OS exists in the project, making changes to it in the Family wont overwrite the setting in the project, unless you delete the OS from the project.

      So, if you CREATED the Subcategory, then loaded it in the project, then decided to change the Line Weight or Line Type, youll need to either delete the Object Style / Subcategory from the project, before reloading the component (and delete the component from the project browser as well), or youll have to also modify it in the project environment.
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