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    Show hidden lines grey

    I feel like there must be a thread regarding this somewhere but I was unable to find it. I'm using Revit 2017.1 and I can't for the life of me figure out why the hidden lines will not show up as a dashed gray line. "Show Hidden Lines" is set to "By Discipline" and under mechanical settings I have it set to "Draw MEP Hidden Lines" with the line style set to MEP Hidden. My visual style is hidden. What am I missing. I've attached a screenshot for reference. Both the triple duty valve and the pipe should be showing as hidden. This occurs with all ductwork and duct accessories as well.
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    Are the ducts linked in? What template was this project started in?
    Default Mechanical templates color code ducts and pipes by system (Look at duct and pipe systems in the project browser). Your image appears to show duct that's part of a exhaust system. For a linked file you will need to use a filter.
    Julie Kidder
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      It's piping shown in the picture but it happens with both piping and ducts. Neither are linked and I started from a mechanical template.


        It looks 'hidden' to me. Sometimes elements are too small for the line type to be noticeable, happens often with pipework I find. JMK described why you're not seeing the hidden line in grey, system overrides will affect anything connected to that particular system. I normally find this quite useful though.

        Unless you set up your families with levels of detail pipework (especially rises/falls) always ends up looking like big, dirty, filthy ink blots. I haven't had time to perfect my own workflow on this so I'm afraid I can't really provide any solution.

        I'm sure someone else around here is about to jump on this thread and tell us all how it is...


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