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Stacked walls - Objects hosted on not properly showing

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    Stacked walls - Objects hosted on not properly showing

    I am working on a commercial bathroom and we are using stacked walls that are half tile, half GWB. We are adding objects that are attached to the wall and recessed into it. For example the paper towel dispenser is recessed and therefore cut into the wall so it is supposed to be cutting through the tiles as well but it is not. In elevation view, the tiles are running in front of it and making it obscured.

    I tried picking a new work plane, host, but it doesn't seem to be working, it just goes right to the wall as it normally would. Is there an offset option or something, or maybe a property of the stacked wall?

    There seems to be all kinds of issues with stacked walls.

    There are "issues" or "workflow tricks" you need to know, to survive using Stacked Walls. Having said that, they are one of my favorite tools, and i use them on EVERY SINGLE project, especially with Interior Design and Interior Finishes.

    When i get to Restrooms, honestly... I just edit the profile of the stacked wall, and carve it around the major accessories (PT disposal and waste, hand dryers, etc). Not worth fighting with them.
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      Thank you for your response. I am trying to 'edit profile ' as you suggested, but it is still not cutting through the half tiled area. Is there a way for it to cut though the tile?

      Also, do you have any good links for me to learn more about stacked walls and the tricks you use?