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Balustrade family creation question

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    Balustrade family creation question

    I am trying to create a balustrade with a custom handrail. I was hoping to create a family for this but have no experience building this type of family.
    I want to create a glass panel of 1200mm and then a gap of 15mm but with a continuous handrail. Can anyone offer any advice on the best way to approach this or what type of family to use. Thank you

    EDIT: quick related question. why is my glass not showing transparent in sections and elevations?
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    I'm sure others will help out with the balustrade question but to answer your other question,

    glass is always solid in sections and elevations - just the way it is - it is transparent in 3D views.

    I just select the panels, say in a curtain wall, if I want them transparent and right-click to use 'Override Graphics in View->By Element' and set surface transparency to about 40% - as per attached image which shows solid window glass but transparent balustrade glass using this method.

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      Thank you willsud, very helpful tip, something I probably should have thought of already.


        If you've got metal handrails they will show transparent too I think, got stuck with that a few years back.

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          Make sure you have the handrail profile created and added into the project. You can then duplicate an existing balustrade and change the handrail family. Now, regarding glass panels, I always avoid trying to make them in a railing system as they always fail in corners, with the glass panel going beyond the edges of the railing.

          For glass panels, I normally use a curtain wall ( and add a mullion to the top, which has the same desired profile as the targeted handrail. I understand you want a 15mm gap between panels, but you can add this in a detail view to simplify things, or change your glass panel family (if you still wish to go this route) with a 7.5mm void extrusion on the edges.

          Hope this helps.
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