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Create Similar followed by changing types

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    Create Similar followed by changing types

    For me the Create Similar command is the most used(maybe equal with the Esc command). Once i`ve made some different objects in a plan, I use to select something, then Create Similar command, and when needed right after the command i change the type of the next object that has to be drawn
    So you are in a plan view in revit 2012.

    You have an wall and a tag on it. The tag has more types or you have more tags loaded.

    You select the wall, then you press Create Similar (or CS shortcut here) then you can still change type of the wall before drawing the new wall.

    the weird thing:
    You select the tag, then you press Create Similar (or CS shortcut here) then you cant`t choose another tag type before you place the new tag

    is this intended or it is a bug?

    ps. I know i can place the same tag after Create Similar and select it and then change type.

    Seems bugged. It appears as though tags are the only annotation or model host based objects that you can not change the type for before placing a new one using Create Similar.

    HOWEVER, it is also the only tool that you can not choose a type for when straight up using the tool out of the Ribbon Panel.

    You do have access to the "Tags..." dialog in the options bar to control which type of tag you are laying down. You would have to do this when placing a tag to begin with.
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