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Floors with different levels

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    Floors with different levels

    Just wondering what others are doing in this situation ie mezzanine or floors with steps ups /downs. Not sure on correct presentation methods, view range becomes a [email protected]#%$... what's the best practice here? Cheers.

    Well, if it stays under the default View Range Cut Plane (1200mm in my plan views) it will be modelled as a reference to the level my view is in. So a floor on Level 1 with two 200mm steppings will have all those steppings and the heightened floor modelled in relation to Level 1. If it's 6+ steps, the heightened floor will be on a separate level.

    That might not be correct building-wise but saves me a lot of grief dealing with plan regions and stuff.
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      option available on:
      [x] Revit Architecture [X] Revit MEP [X] Revit Structure

      For create just one or more area (zone) with different "view range" on the same main view :

      1) Show the main view plan and make correct View Range as you want (the main view range of view).
      2) Ribbon revit --> View --> Plan Views, select Plan Region. Place zone with line tools on your plan view, Valid (green arrow)
      3) on the properties (or ribbon revit [Modify | Plan Region] ) select: View Range. Modify as you want (its the view range only for the area as you draw)
      4) make another plan region if you want (but no overlapping region )
      5) done..
      Modify line region area type :
      Ribbon Revit --> Manage --> Object Styles -- > Annotation Object --> Plan Region --> change line Weight, line Color, line Pattern

      Hide, unhide line region area:
      [V]+[G] --> Annotation Catégories --> Plan region --> Uncheck for hide line , check for visible line area.
      If area line is hide, go (in your main view) Reveal Hidden Element (icon: electric bulb, near eyeglass) for see hidden line.
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        Create our own levels and views specific to just those areas (Maybe have the Architect place new levels for coordination alert monitoring)
        Force the view to see a view from a linked model.
        Trying to get the link to look correct and our own modeled elements to show what is in that levels space...uhhh. I know what you're saying. In addition to this issue are spaces. I have issues with spaces 100% of the time with interstitial levels and mezzanines. I think it has to do with HOW the Architect setup his levels and rooms.
        Too bad plan regions don't work for MEP.
        "Keeping my view range hopeful"


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