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    Plan Region clipping

    Can objects overlapping a Plan Region boundary definition be clipped away?

    We can define and use Plan Regions to change the View Range for a portion of a view. The Plan Region boundary defines the lateral extent of what we should see beyond - or so we thought. Objects overlapping the Plan Region boundary are shown in their entirety.

    The attached image shows two instances of an upper level plan looking down on the floor below.
    One has no Plan Region defined and all items correctly show grey. (If my View Depth Level was set to be the same as my Primary Range Bottom at the upper level, then no elements would show below at all.)
    The other does have a Plan Region, but we would like only the portion of the objects inside the rectangle to be black, with the rest remaining grey.

    Is this possible please?

    (This is a simplistic demonstration, but in our project we are looking down on a courtyard with some long retaining walls and planting. We want to see just what is inside the area we define with the Plan Region but instead the whole of the walls and trees show. We want them to be clipped out as they cross the boundary. How can we achieve this please?)

    Thanks in advance.

    Click image for larger version

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    Last i checked, it varies by object category. Floors crossing the boundary show in their entirety, but i thought walls worked correctly. Maybe im wrong... But no, i dont know of a way to work around it. =(
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      Plan Regions have a very narrow design scope. Most of what I see and hear being attempted with them is well beyond why they exist. Even the help documentation suggests we can use them effectively to do split level plans etc. Your mileage will vary greatly...

      The reality is that they exist to adjust the visibility of hosted elements (windows/doors) when they are not cut (shown) as in windows well above others that do cut or doors that are a step or two up/down relative to the primary floor/level.

      If the plan region completely surrounds (does not cross) an element then it can affect the visibility of it to some degree. Stairs for example will change where the cut line(s) occur if a plan region completely surrounds the extent of the stair.

      In your case you might have an easier time of it by changing the View Range View Depth to see the lower level and then use a masking region (donut) to mask out what you don't want to see. Alternatively you could stack views on a sheet, one of the primary floor and another that is cropped down to just what you want to "overlay" in that area.

      Maybe someday they'll revisit the scope of what they do...?


        When experimenting with them on a recent project (wanted to hide beams going through a chase without changing the templates view range) I found that if the plan region was adjusted to cut higher than the view it only had to partially clip a beam for that beam to show. Conversly, when trying to adjust the bottom of the view range the beam had to be entirely within the plan region.

        Definitely unintuitive, as the expectation is that it would be the equivilent of placing a micro section box in part of the view, affecting only the portions of elements inside the region.
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