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Windows and Door openings cuts any wall

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    Windows and Door openings cuts any wall

    this is related with another thread

    So i think is a good ideea to be listed here.

    Available Revit 2012 (the window/door solution i think it works in older versions too)

    This is the workflow:

    This is the description:

    -create a generic face based with a solid that have an instance visibility parameter (the solid have a void role but it`s a solid)
    -make the family shared
    -nest it in a window/door family
    -your nested solid should have the visibility instance parameter linked to another visibility parameter in the host family
    -the solid will be like your opening (don`t delete the opening)
    -in the project, place the window on a wall, and use JOIN tool by selecting, in this order, the solid and than the ADDITIONL wall you want the solid to cut.
    -repeat last step for all the additional walls
    -in the end turn off the visibility parameter of the solid

    I think this method can be aplied for any other type of familes that need to cut at once multiple other familes (loadable or systems families)

    For example in 2012 you can use face based voids to cut generic models or structural elements. So if you have a sink that contain a void, in order to have a hole in the working top of your kitcken furniture, you have to make the working top as a generic model. Witch is a strange category for your coordination.

    If you extrapolate this trick you can solve that so the work top can remain a furniture. But because the furniture family is not joinable, you can use cut tool insteed. Se the attached picture.

    p.s. the old problem with having a void and a opening that cut the same wall in the same time for complex windows can be soved via this trick.
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    nice one gaby! :whiskey: *rep
    There are no stupid questions, only stupid people


      and some void visibility


        Ok, so I've not watched the video (browsing on my phone) - but :

        Q: How are you associating visibility parameters with the window/door family when the nested face-based generic model family is shared?


          by selecting the nested instance in your windo/door family you will see in the properties bar the instance visibility parameter from the nested family. At the right of that field you have a small grey button. click and link with another visibility parameter that is created in the host family.


            Oh I understand the method of associating parameters, I guess I have just never tried to do it with the instance parameter of a shared family since you can't do it with a type parameter. :thumbsup:

            Now to think where I might apply such an ability....


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