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Corrugated roofs, wall, covering's & Dimensions

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    Corrugated roofs, wall, covering's & Dimensions

    Hi Everyone

    Just a few thing I'd like to add, been using revit for a couple off weeks now and was wondering if it has the ablity to add coverings like, dont hate me for saying it but like Achicad cadimage coverings as it is real handy for rendering in 3dsm, And has any one else coming form archicad found it frustrating not being able to update dimensions on the fly, What I mean by that is if you miss a wall in the dimension string in archicad you can hold shift down and re-select the wall and the dimension will appear without having to start the dimension string, and also its hard to dimension anything with angels(I know there is already alot of talk about this ) attached is a job I did recently and it was a bitch in revit, having said that it would have been a bitch in archicad as well , I know both archicad and revit have their pro's and con's but dimensioning in archicad seems a lot easier would anyone agree ? may revit could have a look at that ??? or maybe should I just deal with it ?


    Jarmin Leonardi
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    Edit Witness Line button, when you miss the wall and want to go back and touch it after. You need to learn how both tools work equally before comparing. I learned both. Ill never touch ArchiCAD again, LOL.
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      And in plus, when you are in the dimension command if you miss a wall, revit don`t mind if you return to that wall and then continue in the other place. You can eaven make clicks in any order you like. And also if you click the second time on the same element when in dimension command you remove it from the string. Practicly all the features you have in the dimension command are the same in the Edit Witness command (this button just reinserting you in the dimension command). So no need for shift or other combinations when you are in the dimension command, just clicks.

      Also If you select a dimension string you can drag and drop the blue dots in order to move the withyness line on the other elements or you can right click on a blue dot to choose from the menu to "delete withness line" so the item that was dimensioned is removed from the string.
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        Quick question:

        I'm not an Archicad user, but I was told by one last year that Archicad dimensions don't "lock" to their references. So if you change the position of the wall, you would have to redraw the dimensions... is that true?

        Dimensioning stuff with angles: use the tab to cycle through options for the placement of the dimensions.
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