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Two Revit Structure 2011 issues

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    Two Revit Structure 2011 issues


    i have spent hours trying to resolve these issues, i would be glad if somebody could give me a hint. I'll try to give you as much information as possible.

    Here is the file -

    1) Running a consistency checks will churn out 42 errors,

    41 of them are these

    "Distance between Analytical and Physical Models of Structural Element is beyond tolerance of 150.0"

    All of them relates to slanted columns only.

    I understand the difference between analytical and physical model, but i really dont get this error message occurance.

    I tried to play around with level heights, Construction parameters (base/top cut style, base/top extensions..) and i tried to change the element type. None of it worked.

    2) I carefully set the grids, levels and modeled the construction. What im trying to achieve is scalable project, changing the grids and levels would allow me to stretch the construction.

    Now the first time, there wasnt a single problem moving with levels and grids, the construction scaled as i wanted.

    So I set to do a different version of the construction and saved as - the original project. Before I made any changes whatsoever, i said to myself "lets try if it is still scalable", well and it wasnt. After i tried to move the grids (Al, Bl, Cl, Dl - just horizontally and vertiaclly few hundred millimeters to be specific) - bunch of "Can't keep elements joined" errors and it varied several times in terms of number of elements that cannot be joined anymore. It seems like the variety of elements that creates this errors changes every time i open the file.

    During the modelling I was extremely carefull to place the beams, columns and slanted columns only on grids. I hid all the other elements before I started modelling other elements..

    So the question is what went wrong, how to make it right and why the hack the error messages varies?

    BTW moving with the height of levels worked every time, it is just the grids and the slanted columns..

    Thanks for any replies.

    Also, would you use slanted columns or brace to model the construction? What would be the difference?



      Bracing is generally to ensure the lateral stability of the structure (Structure being the immediate elements it's trying to make rigid), compared to columns which the main purpose is the vertical transfer of the load to the Ground. The best person to talk to you is the Engineer you are working with on the Project as they are all different, use the software in different ways and apply different methods to calculate the end results (same as use modelling Revit, we all do things different).


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