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    Project parameter automatically checked

    Hi all. For a project I'm working on, I created a Shared parameter (a Yes/No type) under my Project Parameters (this parameter is project specific and I need it to display for multiple categories). When I go to place a device/equipment, the Parameter shows up in the Properties as it should, however, the Parameter is automatically greyed out and checked yes by default. I can go in and double click to un-grey the checkbox, and uncheck it, but I would rather it is automatically/by default unchecked (or selected as no).

    Is there a way to do that? Or is there a reason it defaults in as checked?


    This is one of the annoying things about the yes/no checkbox. In the state of a greyed out checkbox it is similar to a filled in checkbox that in other programs indicates multiple or undetermined states. Revit doesn't want to presume what state you want. If you run a schedule of the parameter I've always had it report as "No". When placing an item try unchecking the box before placement. You will probably have to do this for each category, if not each family, but it could work if you are placing multiple. You can also run a schedule sorted to allow you to uncheck multiple boxes at once.

    I've submitted part of the issue to the Revit Ideas forum here: Clarify graphic for undetermined checkbox state - Autodesk Community
    Julie Kidder
    Architect + BIM Director
    Hartman + Majewski Design Group


      Hmm, I see. That's kind of what I figured. I guess I'll have to deal with it as it is. Though I did notice that when I uncheck before placement it does seem to remember that when I place new similar objects. So a bit less annoying.

      Thanks for the reply and insight!


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