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Network license file question

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    Network license file question

    As a beginner in Revit I may be asking a basic question.
    I have received from my company colleague Revit network license file and have a task to use it so I can borrow the license.
    I have previously installed Revit 2016 as trial version which now has expired. Also I have Autodesk Network License Manager (lmtools).

    I would be very thankfull if someone would describe the procedure how to use this .lic file ( where to copy it and rename it?) so I can later borrow a license and use Revit offline for 6 months.


    You have to remote into their network and borrow the license from their server, as that is where the license file resides. Having the license file in two separate places will probably send up red flags at Autodesk.
    Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)


      I am not sure the colleague understands how this works. The LIC file is only valid for the machine it was assigned to initially, as defined by the machine name and the MAC address of the network card. Also, that machine has to be under their control. Not only will you not be able to use the LIC file to "borrow" anything, if you could/did it would be illegal.
      As Michael says, you will need to VPN in to their network, connect to their license server, and borrow a license there. Also, you will not be able to do this with the demo version, which is a kind of "stand alone" license that cannot be converted to a network license. You'll need to get the name of their licenses server and their Revit serial number, uninstall the demo Revit and reinstall as a network license using that information, then remote in to their network to actually connect to their license server and borrow a license.
      And rather than borrowing a license, the better solution (as an employee) is to have them arrange for you to get a "Home Use" license, which doesn't time out, and doesn't take a license from their server.
      Pragmatic Praxis


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