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Model group or external link?

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    Model group or external link?

    Hey all,
    Does anyone have experience creating/ using multi unit models? If so, how do you handle the many identical units? With a model group or an external link?

    Currently, our office uses model groups, but I've got my doubts that this is the best way to accomplish this. I notice the "Link" option in the group editor dialog box, which says it converts the selected group into a linked file, which leads me to believe that Revit would operate better if I were to .. well .. convert the model group into a linked file.

    Anyone care to create a list of pros/cons?


    Do a search. Its been discussed and discussed and discussed and discussed.

    As someone who has done a LOT of multi family, and healthcare work... Groups are twenty times better than Links. Links "sound" like a great idea, until you actually go to do it.
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