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Sweep tool made everything go boom.

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    Sweep tool made everything go boom.

    SO I had posted on here last week about the miter on a bent beam not working. Well, I found a workaround that was super easy... so I thought. I created a solid sweep using a W18X40 profile for the section view, then I created a symbolic line for the plan view,etc etc. It was actually pretty straightforward, but when I when back to plan view... All my other beams were gone! GONE. As in, no longer existent. :banghead: Anyone know why a sweep would suddenly make everything else disappear?
    Fallon Brooks
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    Were there by chance any dialog boxes that came up when you made the sweep? Was it an in place component? Mass? How did you do the sweep? There are a lot of possibilities but we need to narrow down the options.
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