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Telehandler family tire creation

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    Telehandler family tire creation

    Simply Complex: As I promised in the previous post, I would explain how to model the tires on the telehandlers.
    Its very simple!

    Tires and Tire Rims are the easiest family to build because they are circular.
    Any circular family element should be built with the revolve command.

      • draw tire profile as shown and draw a revolve line at where you want the center of the tire to occur.
      • Revolve the profile about the line.
      • Presto!
      • Use this same process for the rim.
      • You should end up with a rim that looks like the 3d image below.
      • The treads in this family were built with arrays and every tread was physically modeled.
      • The tire treads on the pick truck family (to be shown at some later blog posting) were created out of curtain wall panels. If you use curtain wall panels, you don't have to model every tread.

    Click here to view the entire blog post.

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