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New Modular Building

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    New Modular Building

    Just thought i would show off my latest model, designed to be made up from 2 modular units (Porta Cabins)
    Exterior is timber clad, with white fronts and backs, custom designed door in the side, with custom window further down.

    Just a low res render to show idea, any comments appreciated.

    Cadman 56
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    It looks good - but could do with that little bit of extra polish.

    Why not continue the timber clad wrap as the balustrading, with progressively larger vertical spacing to the openings/verticals? The boggo railing just looks like an afterthought.

    Equally, why not continue the verandah out from the end rooms - at the same level, in a similar materiality. Without a plan it's hard to see why you've gone with the timber deck & step solution - they seem like a late addition, and a lost opportunity.

    And plesae, lose the wonk in the window, it looks contrived, and does nothing to talk to the materiality of timber cladding - but do echo/copy it's expressed frame for the door - that'd give the facade composition some continuity and "story".


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