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Rotate Project North moves annotations and things around

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    Rotate Project North moves annotations and things around

    When project north is rotated, lots of the plan views are getting wrecked because the annotations and dwg underlays are rotating to stay aligned along with the project north.

    Is that natural, and can it be stopped? Or is it a feature...

    Nope, that's a feature. It should work like this cause the project north ONLY specifies the orientation on sheets. TRUE north rotation can be done without affecting the annotations and stuff.
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      It is not a "feature" that I like at all. Revit is extremely inconsistent in what it rotates when you rotate Project North.
      It will not rotate in-place masses; detail lines, text, filled regions
      It will rotate external mass families; model lines; tags (not sure if it is all tags or not)

      No wonder the plans are getting wrecked! I would like it to rotate ALL annotation in all views that are set to Project North. So I guess that "Rotate Project North" is a command to use early on before you have started annotating a project. After that, proceed at your own risk.

      One little workaround exists for detail lines: You can convert them to model lines before rotating project north, and they will rotate. That might not suit your workflow.


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