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How do I enclose the rooms on 2nd floor?

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    How do I enclose the rooms on 2nd floor?


    I'm new to Revit and I just tried to build a two story high house with four rooms each floor.
    For the first floor, I did manage to tag all the room numbers but for some reason, second floor is not enclosed and therefore I am unable to tag room numbers. I tried using room separator but it didn't work because there is a wall overlap.

    What I did was, I created four rooms with 60' high walls. Then using level, I changed the height of each floor, added floors to both stories, added one more level on the top of second floor to add flat roof.

    Is it because of what I did? Also, I added doors and windows but I want to move the doors to different position. But it wouldn't let me move the doors or delete any of them. Is there a way to move or delete the doors?

    Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you!!

    Hi there

    wow that's quite a confusing ,message

    are your walls on the second level room bounding?

    as for the doors create similar and place where you want them, then delete the existing, not to sure what you've done, attach the Revit file and i'll give it a look, buy sounds of it you haven't gone to far, maybe start again with clearer idea of what you want to achieve.


      Hey there and welcome to the forum.

      Just to make it clear for yourself when starting a model, do stuff one step at a time:

      Start with creating all the levels and grids for your building
      Add the outer walls, floors and roof
      Add the interior walls
      Add the rooms
      Add the doors and windows both interior and exterior

      This way you have better control over stuff and it is easier to figure out when things go wrong. Once you know Revit a bit better the things above will start to merge together, but even after a lot of projects this is basically the workflow I try to use.

      And to address your problem it seems that you are trying to add a room at the wrong level (possibly your roof?). You need to make a floorplan at the correct level (you can choose which level you want your floorplan to be on) and place your rooms while on that floorplan. While trying to place a room you can see in your properties panel on which level you are trying to place it, my idea is that that is probably on the wrong level. But this is of course hard to know without seeing the model.

      Good luck and ask more questions if you run into more trouble, best way to learn (after giving it a go yourself of course).
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        I just found out that my Revit is actually MEP so it's not in architecture discipline. This was the reason why I couldn't select any of the walls, doors and windows.

        And as for the rooms, I created tall walls then divided with levels and added floors. I don't know if this was the wrong move but when I tried drawing separate walls on top of the walls created (instead of using the same walls), then added floors, the rooms were enclosed.

        And thank you both for your advices and help!!


          Hi there

          I've been looking through some threads about rooms not being enclosed, trying to get some answers regarding this problem.

          In this picture I have my project (a hotel) on the right and then i drew 3 walls outside the house (on the left) to see if that would work. Well it did and I've no idea why every room in my project tells me that the room is not enclosed but when i draw walls outside the floor plans it works ? I've attached the walls to the floor below and above and they're all room bounding in the properties window.
          I've also copied some walls and paste them to a new file and then everything is ok !?

          I've found some threads about this but none that gives me any solution to my problem.

          Best regards.
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            Is the project on the right in a linked file? If so, did you make the link room bounding in the properties?


              No. I've never used "link Revit". I've a couple of imported CAD files but the room tags worked earlier when I also had imported cad files in the project, so it's not that.
              Only thing I can think of is that about 2 weeks ago the project suddently started to ask me if I wanted to sync, when I hadn't set the project up as a central model !? Also I made a couple of new worksets ? Besides that I've no idea why I can't get the room area !!?!?


                Ok I found the error. There was a mass inside the building after deleting him everything went back to normal.


                  Glad you found your original problem. (and thanks for reporting the solution)
                  But now I'm curious about another statement you made.
                  You said you hadn't set up the project as a Central model. But you also said you added worksets.
                  You can't create worksets unless you have made a Central. That's what enabling Worksets does.
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                    Ok ok Then I must talking nonesense


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