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2017 Create Similar wall, won't

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    2017 Create Similar wall, won't

    I have a several walls that go from -100mm off the base constraint to -250mm below the top constraint.
    2017 Wall.JPG
    I want to draw the same wall elsewhere so I've used the Create Similar command. I always thought CS would create the the same, as long as you check the top and bottom constraints as these may change, and indeed they had.
    So I changed the top & bottom constraints to match the existing wall, but I get an error message "Top Constraint is invalid for the level".
    Why is it OK for the existing wall and not for the new CS wall?

    I've also noted that the properties aren't 'similar' wall as the Room Bounding & Structural tick boxes are greyed out and there is no Phasing option.
    2017 Create Similar Wall.JPG

    Any ideas why I cannot make the same wall as already exists in my model.

    BTW, I upgraded the 2016 file to 2017 this morning, don't know of this is relevant or a red herring.


    make sure that you selected "height" rather than "depth" when placing your wall. (a little menu that comes along near the ribbons)
    If you didn't manage this before placing your wall, and you try and set constraints that don't work for the placement (ie if the wall places from your reference/working plane downwards, or upwards) then the constraints may not work
    ie you will end up with "top constraint invalid" because the "top" of your wall is actually placing below the base of your wall (yes its stupid but its a revit behaviour)

    I hope I'm explaining that well for you.
    If you choose depth your wall will extrude from your working plane down
    if you choose height your wall will extrude from your working plane upwards

    As for "create similar" this refers to the actual element, it will not "remember" any of the constraints or other information in properties that you may have altered for that instance of that element which you are copying.

    It will "remember" the same constraints of the LAST element you placed. Always check your constraints and other properties when using "create similar" it really just chooses that element for placement as if you went to the ribbon, and clicked on "wall" for example it just saves you the effort of going thru the menus.

    If you want to inherit exactly the same properties as the other element;
    place it and then type "MA" (match properties) click on your original element to copy the properties
    then click on your destination element to inherit those exact properties
    - ie it will inherit - element type, size etc identical to the original. Also it will inherit all of the same constraints (but not any "attachments" that the original has.) As in if you have attached the base of your original to your slab, the new one will not inherit this attachment.
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      Originally posted by Karalon10 View Post
      make sure that you selected "height" rather than "depth" when placing your wall.......
      I hope I'm explaining that well for you.
      That's exactly it, and you described it perfectly.

      Thanks for your help.



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