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Perforated hatch pattern

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    Perforated hatch pattern

    I am looking for a hatch pattern with small circles to represent a perforated metal panel. I tried hatch 22 and it did not like the circles. Anyone know where I can download a .pat file or of another way to easily make one?

    I don't think circles are accepted in hatch patterns that Revit accepts: try making the circles out of polygons instead
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      Using polygons as Alex suggested works perfectly. To make your life easy, just import the "HEX" pattern from the acad.pat file and set your desired scale factor. You'll never notice that it is hexagons instead of circles. A few images attached.....

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        Any particular pattern? As mentioned HEX.PAT serves well - for finer holes try Acad's CROSS, SQUARE or TRIANG. DOTS is problematical.

        One problem in creating tiny patterns is distortion caused by selecting a scale where the dash length falls below Revit's minimum acceptable line length.

        We've had some success creating "random" frit patterns using scattered Revit circles. If you want fancier than OOTB please post a sketch.

        Hugh Adamson
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