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Excluding Blog Feeds from What´s New ?

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    Excluding Blog Feeds from What´s New ?

    It´s been requested to exclude the blog feeds from the "what´s new" page.

    But there´s a couple of possible solutions, so I figured that I´d ask for feedback before changing anything.

    1. Simply hardcode the What´s New link to exclude the "Blog Feeds" sub-forum. This would be easy to set up, but would affect all users.
    2. Create a checkbox in the user settings, and let the What´s New link display the blog feeds dependent on the users choice. A little more work involved, but would let you guys choose wheter or not to see the new blog feeds. And if this is the preferred solution, should the blog feeds show by default?
    3. Ignore the request, and pretend that I´ve never gotten it (may be a little too late for that...)

    So, which option would you prefer? And out of curiosity, do you find the blog feeds valuable?
    Klaus Munkholm
    "Do. Or do not. There is no try."

    The only time the "Blog Feeds" are an issue is when everyone updates their blog at the same time....I got a whole couple of pages of blog feeds one day...but now I am getting only a few. So for me I would say #3.
    Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)


      How about #1 and a sub-forum for blog feeds?

      Whilst we're here talking about "what's new" - is there a way to exclude the "other" language sub-forums from the results?

      Also, is it just me, or do posts you've added to threads not count them in the search?


        What would "other" languages be? French, Spanish and... English? Would be difficult to please everybody

        But you can create your own browser bookmark, and customize this URL to your likening.

        19 = Spanish sub-forum
        20 = French sub-forum
        25 = Russian sub-forum
        40 = Dutch sub-forum
        45 = Blog Feeds sub-forum
        And Snowy, sorry, but I have no idea what you are talking about in the last question ?
        Klaus Munkholm
        "Do. Or do not. There is no try."


          I vote for # 1: exclude blog feeds from What's new. It is very nice to have the blog feeds available in the forum, but I think it is good enough to show them on the right side panel (Recent Revit Blog Posts). They do feel a little out of place in the What's New list, in my opinion.

          About the blog posts being in their own subforum, as Snowy says, well, they are already in their own subforum, which is Revit - Out There - Revit Blog Feeds.

          About the second proposal from Snowy, removing posts in other languages from the What's new: I agree, if it is possible. My reasons: The activity in the forums in the foreign languages is still very limited compared to the activity of the main forum, and it is very easy to detect when there are new posts in those forums, for those of us who look at them. I only watch the Spanish forum, for example, so I don't need to have any Spanish new post in the main list of What's New, because I easily notice when there is a new post in the Spanish subforum.

          These 2 changes would leave the What's New list showing only new posts in the local threads in English, as it was before, which I think is better.

          One GREAT thing about this forum is that we have a voice in how we want our forum to be. Thanks! :thumbsup:
          Freelance BIM Provider at Autodesk Services Marketplace | Linkedin


            Since I poked you about this to begin with... I suppose I could get what I want without any effort on your part as long as I carefully pick out the forums I do want to see and create my own shortcut to the summary of new stuff (based on the code you posted in your earlier reply). It would be nice, in my opinion, to remove the blogs from the New Posts summary because I get them in my reader already so I don't need to scan through those here too. I'm not sure this group really needs to be a reader too? All for awareness of blog posts but perhaps two options would be better? New Posts and New Blog Feed Posts? Thanks!


              I would love to be able to exclude blog posts because I use a reader for them already. Would also like to be able to exclude foreign language posts because I use the New posts option only. Too bad that probably wouldn't affect my Forum Runner mobile app
              Rick Moore, AIA
              Barnes Gromatzky Kosarek Architects


                Actually, I like it... Would even like to see some more blogs added! Would be really cool to involve an actual reader-option. So people can add their own blogs. But now I'm getting really ahead of myself.
                I do understand that some might find the blog feeds redundant. I don't cause I nearly never look at the main screen. I have the "new posts" open at all times, and refresh the list now and then. But I would at least like option 2. (and that would be fairest of all options if you ask me).

                The foreign languages don't bother me to much but would be nice to be able to switch them off...
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                Martijn de Riet
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                  Originally posted by snowyweston View Post
                  Also, is it just me, or do posts you've added to threads not count them in the search?
                  The posts you have posted are already maked read because you are redirected to your new post after you post it.

                  Make the blogs off by default and have an option for them to be activated. Best of both worlds.

                  It would be nice to have this be an option for each forum catagory. The ability to turn off the different language forums in the whats new search.
                  -Alex Cunningham


                    Originally posted by Munkholm View Post
                    What would "other" languages be?
                    Sorry, perhaps I should've been more clear, what I meant was "Users get the choice to set in their preferences "only show threads posted in <forum area>" or even "exclude threads posted <forum area>".

                    It's not a big thing, I'm just a typical Brit who can only speak/read English!

                    Originally posted by Munkholm View Post
                    And Snowy, sorry, but I have no idea what you are talking about in the last question ?
                    Again, sorry for not being clear. Here's the only way I can explain... Once I press "Submit Reply" on this, I'll be, for a short while, the most recent poster on the forum - so by that rationale, when I go to "What's New" this post, in this thread, should list at the top. I'm pretty sure it won't - it never has. And even if the forum acts as Alex says, it's still unlike any other forum I post in.


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