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    Section Line

    Can anybody help me with having one section line where one side is straight and other side is angled 9o degrees. this all going to be as one section.

    do u want a 90 degree section?

    If thats what your after your best bet is a 3d

    U will not be able to make a 90 degree section


      The only way you would be able to do this, is to have a 2D element which would not be an "intelligent" section marker.
      ie. It would not automatically reference the page it is on, or the detail numbers and would not actually link to your view it would be a "dumb" 2D element.
      Unfortunately, as far as I am aware, you can not dislocate or "jag" your sections in revit they are linear (straight lines) only


        You can split the section line with the Split Section function in the Modify tab while you have the section line selected. It is mostly used to vary the section elevation in the view, which can be handy sometimes. I don't know why you would need it to bend 90° though. You can modify the section tail element of the section in the family editor and do what you want with it there, but it will not actually affect the view. Like Darius said, it sounds like you want a 3D section.

        Whatever you decide to do, good luck.


          There are some more ideas here;
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