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Family Type 'Flips' over reference plane when loaded

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    Family Type 'Flips' over reference plane when loaded

    I have a <family type> parameter attached to a nested family and it works great until I align and lock my nested family to a reference plane in the host family. After I apply the lock and try to switch the type my family flips over that plane. This ONLY happens when it is locked to a plane, if its floating I can swap types just fine.

    Both families were made as closely related as possible, I even did a save as after creating the first one to build the second, both families are set to 'always 'vertical'. not sure what the problem is :banghead:

    any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

    My guess is the direction the reference planes were drawn don't match between the nested family and the host. It's critical whether the geometry is attached to a plane that is drawn left-to-right vs right-to-left. But you said that the second family was a direct copy/save-as of the first? Hmmm....



      How are you switching types?


        Does allowing Workplane Based help at all? You don't have to align-lock if the nested families share a familiar start point and the nested family is hosted to an appropriate reference plane in the parent family.
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          I found it was because in my nested families I didn't define my reference planes properly. When I defined a 'Bottom' Reference plane in both nested families then snapped to a bottom reference plane in the project it works!!

          makes total sense I just have never paid that close attention to the reference plane properties

          this article cleared it up for me



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