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Working with IFC files in Revit

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    Working with IFC files in Revit

    IS to possiable to modify ( change color, visiual style, ect) IFC files in Revit? I have a project that is reqiring me to supply a revit model and all of our coordination was done with CAD-MECH due to our prefabricarion. The clients are aware of what we are going to give them they just want everything color coded. Any assistance will be greatly appricated.



    This might not be exactly what your looking for but it may put you in the right direction.

    I would say that if the bulk of your drawings are done in Revit MEP to use Filters and Overrides. You can do this a few different ways but this is what I do. Select the object (s) and open the properties pallet, on the properties pallet look for a category called (Identity Data) you should see a bar that says Comment I will assign a number or type in the name of a color. NEXT you should click the filter button on the view pallet. This is where you can create a filter. Once you have created a new one you can assign parameters too it. In the middle of the create filter menu select all the types of objects that you want to be effected. Then on the right side you can set you new filters rules. I use Comment / Equals / then the Number I had assigned or the color name. Once your filter is complete close the filters window and open the visibility / Graphics menu. Then click the Filters tab and add your new filter to it. Then at this point you can override the color of the Filter that you want and everything with that specified comment will turn that color.

    You also may try to explode the Image file.

    Hope this helps



      Hi, IFC element should be translated in Revit element ( if you're lucky cause Revit is not really the best for playing with IFC). so, you can overide or filter those elements just like the way you do with built in elements.
      Have a look at object styles to achieve your goal. good luck.
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        It is possible, you can override them using the VG-command and look in the proper tab.
        But it will be a pain. Revit looses all context between multiple instances of the same family type (most of the times) which forces you to manually override all itemse seperately.
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          Thanks for all the advice everyone :thumbsup: I will let you know how it turns out.


            Originally posted by mpc462 View Post
            Thanks for all the advice everyone :thumbsup: I will let you know how it turns out.
            Is it possible to control how your IFC files are exported as colors?


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